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BMW X3 Fuel Filter Replacement

March 24, 2010

I am wanting to replace the fuel filter in my wife’s 2006 X3 3.0i with 67K on it. I tried to do it a couple thousand miles ago, but was unsuccessful. I removed the rear seat cushion and tried to open the passenger side hatch with my hands and it wouldn’t budge. It was very awkward due to its diameter size. So, with that said:

1. Is there a tool or trick to loosening the hatch that I don’t know about?

2. Do I need to be aware of over tightening when securing the hatch?

BMW does have a special tool for removing the lock ring that secures the filter & regulator access cover (of course). Without the tool, you will need to use a punch and hammer (carefully) to try to turn the cover …. in a similar manner to how you would with older BMWs or domestic vehicles with metal pump securing rings.

Since we do not currently have a Bentley repair manual for the X3, I have attached BMW’s filter and regulator replacement document.

BMW X3 fuel filter replacement

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