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Battery Dead, Doors Locked E32, E34

August 25, 2009

Tech Tip:
For 5 series 89 thru 96 (E34), 7 series 88 thru 95 (E32).
Your battery is dead. You need to re-charge it but it’s under the rear seat and your doors are locked. How do you get into the car? Otto says, “No sweat. Just pull up and hold up the passenger side door handle, then turn the key in the lock and bingo – you’re in!”

  1. Deborah Jones permalink

    This did not work for me. I think its double locked and i have no clue as how to open the doors. The manuel is also locked in the car. I can open the trunk. Is it possible to drain the battery if the trunk was not locked due to obstruction of a bag ? Is there a way to open the hood so that I can charge th battery? and is there a place to charge the battery? I have no clue..

    • You can apply a jumper (from another battery) to the positive terminal on the engine starter (from under the car) and to a ground source on the engine or chassis. This will put 12-volts into the system just as if you were jumpering at the battery itself (or the under-hood jumper terminal).

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