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BMW E39 Windshield Wiper Motor Relay Location, 528i, 525i, 530i, 540i, M5

September 17, 2013

car year: 1997
car model: 528i

Where is the wiper motor relay located?


The windshield wiper motor relay[s] location is under the right-side [passenger side] cabin micro filter housing. You will need to remove the cover, filter and lower air box to gain access to the relay board. For 1996-1997 model year cars,  you will see a cluster of 4 relays along the forward wall, in that cluster there are two violet relays, in the K37 and K36 positions at the rear of the block of four relays. You will use BMW part number 61 36 1 388 911 for each location. For 1998 model year and later there will be the single forward relay.

In relation to your question; have you diagnosed your problem to the wiper relay(s), or are you just replacing it/them to see if this cures your problem?  The windshield washer/wiper system comprises several different components, wiper switch in the steering column, various relays, multi-function general module 3, fuses, rain sensor, vehicle speed sensor, wiper motor, linkages as well as the headlight washers, pumps and fluid reservoir. With a faulty wiper or washer system one must look at the electrical system first and then onto the mechanical system if no electrical faults are found. The appropriate Bentley service manual will greatly aid in your diagnosis and repair.

Click below for Bentley repair manual:
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Click below for wiper relay:
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