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BMW Parking, Emergency Brake Warning Light Stays On

February 26, 2013

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 2006 car model: 530i how do I get light for hand brake to go out?

If the parking brake warning is on and the brake lever is fully released, you may need to adjust the contact switch for the parking brake warning light.

Remove the parking brake lever boot (the boot has an internal frame that snaps out of the console). Locate the contact switch, which is typically toward the rear of the lever assembly (behind the fulcrum, or pivot point). Check that the lever fully releases from the switch when the lever is in the full down position (brake fully released). If the lever is still contacting the switch, adjust the switch so that it is not making contact with the lever.

If the light stays on, no matter how you adjust the switch, disconnect the wire(s) from the switch and test again. If the light is now off, replace the switch. If the light is still on, there is another fault within the system which will require further diagnostics.

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