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BMW V8 N62 – Coil and Spark Plug Removal, Coil Retainer Clamp

January 28, 2013

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

2008 550i
I replaced the coils on cylinders 5 and 7 on my car and found these two plastic wing holders on top of the coils.  I just thought you might like to add these to you “how to”  DIY area of your website.  I used a 5 mm socket to loosen the plastic wing enough to rotate it 90 degrees.  They also say “front” on them to specify which way they go but I am unsure why as they seem the same.  There were white spots on the old coils where they had been hot.

Roger, Thank you for your notes on the coil removal (and, secondarily, spark plug replacement) on the N62 V8 engines.  The coil retainer clamps that you have noted are unique to the BMW N62 V8 engine family.  These engines are found in the following BMW models:

E60 5-series, 03-10 (545i, 550i)
E63/64 6-series 04-12 (645ci, 650i)
E65/66 7-series, 02-09 (745i, 745Li, 750i, 750Li, B7)
E53 X5, 04-06 (4.4i, 4.8is)
E70 X5, 07-10 (4.8i)

As Roger noted, the col retainers must be moved in order to remove the coils.  The retainer securing bolt can be removed (using a Torx socket) and the retainer removed or, as Roger’s note suggests, the bolt can be loosened and the retainer can be rotated.  The rotation may not work on all cylinders, in which case, the retainer would need to be removed.

While we have not produced a DIY video on coil and spark plug replacement for the N62 V8, you can see our video for the late M54 6-cylinder engines that use virtually identical coils (we call these the “pencil coils”).

CLICK HERE for M54 pencil-style coils DIY Video

Roger’s photos:

Cylinders 7 & 8

Cylinders 5 & 6

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