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BMW Engine Warning light – Yellow – Reduced Engine Power

October 30, 2012

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 2007
car model: 335i Coupe
Have a 2007 335i that has shown a check engine light( engine symbol with a slash through it, with bottom half lit in yellow) on two occasions when I accelerated hard upon entering a freeway. Symbol does not return when engine is restarted and there is no noticeable change in engine performance or car operation. Don’t want to run to my expensive dealer, so, any ideas as to what has triggered the code?

According to the owner’s manual,  The engine symbol with the rear/lower half in yellow indicates that there is a fault that is causing the engine power to be reduced.  There is no further information available from this warning.  You should have the engine checked as soon as possible.  If this indicator is coming on WITHOUT the Service Engine Soon indicator, there will be no fault codes that a universal hand-held fault code reader will be able to “see”.

If you do not have the owner’s manual for the car, we can order a new one for you.  Just give our agents a call at 800-535-2002.

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  1. John permalink

    This just happened to me last week and brought it to BMW to be serviced. It was a rubber hose to the turbo that was causing my power loss when I stepped on the pedal. A $25 hose but $350 job. Sucks! But it’s fine now. Hope that info helps.

    • Otto permalink

      Do you have a PN on the intake hose that was replaced?

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