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BMW V8 and 6-Cylinder Crankcase Ventilation Check Valve Replacement – CCV, CVV, PCV, Oil Separator, Cyclonic, DIY How To

September 4, 2012

Check out our DIY how-to videos on replacing the crankcase ventilation system parts on the BMW 6-cylinder (M52TU, M54) and V8 (M60, M62) engines, below.

Click HERE for Crankcase ventilation replacement kits.  ID your BMW vehicle and search “PCV” after clicking link.

Click HERE for BMW M52TU and M54 6-cylinder engine Crankcase vent valve and hose replacement DIY video

Click HERE for BMW M60 and M62 V8 engine Crankcase vent valve and hose replacement DIY video

  1. Jack permalink

    Hello, I have an 06 x5 4.4i which is smoking every once and a while after idling. I located the PCV for my beemer, but cant seem to find a video on how to replace this. I seen the video located above but its for the m60 motor and I believe mine is a m62. I will need two of these correct? Part # 11 12 7 547 058 Valve Cover Breather Valve (for my 2006 X5 4.4i)

    Please advise, and I am so glad I found your website. I have ordered some odds and ends already and plan to order these PCV valves very soon.

    • Otto permalink

      Your 2006 4.4i X5 actually has the later N62 V8 engine (04-06 4.4i and 4.8is). This is a completely new and different engine from the M60/M62. The crankcase ventilation system is not at all like that on the M60/M62 engines. See our blog post on this issue at; BMW N62 Crankcase Ventilation – Oil Usage

  2. Jack permalink

    I have the cover off the top of the motor, and looking at the motor from the front, I located the right side N62 V8 Crankcase Ventilation Pressure Regulating Valve. I can not find the one on the left side of the motor (side where oil fill and dipstick are)….please advise…

    • Otto permalink

      The right side valve (passenger side) should be just behind the oil fill cap, on the valve cover, in a similar location to the one on the driver side. What year/model do you have?

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