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BMW DIY Video – Clutch and Flywheel Replacement – UUC Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch Install – How To

August 1, 2012

Over the past 12+ years, owners of manual transmission BMWs have been experiencing mushy clutch feel, premature clutch wear, difficulty achieving smooth clutch engagement and gear changes and to top it off; a springy drivetrain sensation.  The reason for this is the SAC (Self Adjusting Clutch) design and the Dual-Mass flywheel.  The SAC was designed to eliminate changes in the clutch pedal engagement point as the clutch disc wears, and the dual-mass flywheel was intended to dampen and isolate drivetrain shock and vibrations.  In use, these design mechanisms fail prematurely and often create a less than satisfactory driving experience for our “Ultimate Driving Machines”.  For more details on the Self-Adjusting Clutch and Dual-Mass flywheel designs …. and their flaws, see our related article.  CLICK HERE to see the article.

In our DIY videos (Part-1 and Part-2), we will show you the general procedures for installing a new clutch and flywheel (applicable to most BMW models).  We will detail the specific issues involved with installing a new Self-Adjusting Clutch.  For our full install, however, we will install the UUC lightweight flywheel and performance clutch assembly.  Click the videos and follow along.  Please feel free to leave comments on the videos if you watch them on YouTube (and “like” them too!).

When repairing a worn out self-adjusting clutch assembly, we have options in how we wish to accomplish the repair, depending on our desired goals:

*  Install a new self-adjusting clutch assembly - While this may be the lowest cost option, it is also the most short sighted.  It is very likely that the dual-mass flywheel is worn out (see Part-1 of the DIY Video).  Installing a new clutch assembly on the worn-out flywheel will certainly get the car moving again.  However, due to the radial play in the flywheel, you will likely experience a springy or surging feeling when engaging the clutch, shifting or transitioning between acceleration and deceleration.  Additionally, the clutch disc will wear prematurely due to the lateral play in the flywheel.

*  Install a new self-adjusting clutch assembly AND a new dual-mass flywheel - This will return your BMW to a “like-new” condition with drivability and service life similar to the original set-up.

*  Install a self-adjusting clutch and dual-mass flywheel elimination kit - This matched kit uses a standard type clutch assembly (non self-adjusting) and a single-mass flywheel (one machined piece …. no moving parts) that has the same dimensions and weight of the original dual-mass flywheel.  This kit eliminates the springy driveline feel and, more importantly, eliminates all of the faults associated with the original self-adjusting clutch and dual-mass flywheel, resulting in a much longer service life and better drivability.  These complete kits are also priced lower than a replacement dual-mass flywheel.  All this, while keeping the vehicle’s dynamics as they should be for a smooth ultimate driving experience.

*  Install a UUC lightweight flywheel and performance clutch assembly - These matched kits offer an aluminum lightweight flywheel with upgraded clutch options ranging from heavy-duty to extreme high-performance.  The lightweight flywheel gives better throttle response, faster acceleration and smoother shifting, while the improved clutch can handle performance driving as increased engine power.  The UUC SAC elimination clutches and lightweight flywheels offer exceptional performance improvements, long service life and a much more enjoyable ultimate driving experience by eliminating the problems associated with the self adjusting clutches and dual-mass flywheels.  All while keeping everyday street driving as a priority.

 Click below for BMW Clutches:

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  1. Francis "Chispa" Rousselle permalink

    Excellent video…I is great that you provided a video on clutch removal and replacement. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time.
    You sure do make it look very easy.. Of course, the best tool (besides the video) here is an overhead lift. Without the lift, life would be miserable.

    • Otto permalink

      Yes, while the lift certainly take some of the drudgery out of the job …. we have done plenty of transmission removals “on our backs”. Just get the whole car as high as you can. We like to use the large 6-ton jack-stands.

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