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BMW Antenna Grommet – Seal – How To Replace DIY, Z3 318ti Convertible E36

June 28, 2012

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 2001
car model: Z3 2.5
I need to know how to replace the antenna Grommet? It’s the black rubber part that supports the antenna.

This answer applies to all BMW models that use the short flexible exterior antenna rods ( Z3,  3-series convertibles and compacts 93-99 -318ic, 325ic, 323ic, 328ic, M3 and 318ti).  The grommet itself is a “press-fit” into the hole in the sheet-metal.  You must remove the complete antenna assembly in order to remove and replace the grommet.  See the link below for some photographic representations of the parts that you will be dealing with.  The link post is addressing a broken antenna, but it will show you what the parts look like.

Repairing broken BMW “short rod” antennas:

Grommet replacement procedure:

1)  Unscrew and remove the antenna rod.

2)  Access the mounting bracket for the antenna base unit, inside the trunk.  On your Z3, you will have to unbolt and move aside the pump assembly for the convertible top.  Do not disconnect any of the hydraulic lines.  You can move the pump unit out of the way by just removing the mounting bolts.

3)  Remove the antenna base unit mounting bracket, disconnect the antenna cable and the ground wire and pull the base unit down and out of the grommet.

4)  Push the grommet up through the sheet-metal and remove it.

5)  Install the new grommet from above.  Use a non-marring tool to press the rubber flange down into the sheet-metal hole until it is fully seated.

6)  Install the antenna base unit, convertible top pump unit and the antenna rod.

Antenna grommet:


Bavarian Autosport

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