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MINI Brake Pad Wear Warning Reset – How To

June 4, 2012

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

2008 MINI Cooper
Clubman S
When I change my brakes on my mini is there any “trick” to get the brake warning to go out or do I have to go to the dealer?

The MINI has a brake pad wear sensor on the left-front and the right-rear brake pads. Once the brake pads have worn to the point that the sensor touches the brake rotor, this will activate the brake pad wear warning in the instrument cluster. In performing the brake pad replacement, the pad wear sensor must also be replaced. Once the sensor has been replaced, the warning must be reset. Here are the procedures for performing the reset.

2002-2006 R50, R52 & R53 Cooper, Cooper-S and Convertible (through 08):

1) Turn ignition key to position-2 (ignition on, without starting engine) for 30 seconds.

2) Turn key off, then back on. Warning should be reset.

2007 to current R55, R56 and R57 Cooper, Cooper-S, Convertible (09-current) and Clubman:

Enter the Service Menu:

1)  Insert key, do not press clutch / brake pedal.

2)  Press the start button.

3)  Watch for the car/service symbol, in the tachometer display, to go out.

4)  Immediately after the symbol goes out, press and hold both of the  buttons in the tachometer display.

5)  Continue to hold the buttons as the system runs a dash light check …. continue holding.

6)  The display will show VIN / Menu,  continue to hold until the time appears on the display.

7)  Release the right hand button (trip reset) for about one second, then press and hold again (while still holding the left hand button).

8)  In a second, or two, the display will show the front brake symbol.  The system is now into the service menu.

9)  Use the BC Button (on the end of the turn indicator stalk) to scroll through to the relevant symbols (such as; rear brakes).

10) Reset the applicable warning indicator – Press and hold the BC button, when the applicable service symbol is displayed, until RESET appears, then press and hold again until the process is complete.

11) Turn the ignition off and then back on.  The warning should now be reset.

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