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BMW DIY Video – Bavarian Autosport Sway Bar Install How To – Swaybar E36 E46

March 30, 2012

Ok, class…..  time for a “pop quiz”.  Question 1; What’s the easiest to install suspension upgrade, with the greatest improvement in suspension performance (vehicle handling)?  Question 2;  What’s the least expensive suspension upgrade that (you guessed it) provides the greatest improvement in suspension performance?

Correct answers?  Both questions have the same answer ….. Upgraded Sway bars.  Now, truthfully, was this your answer?  For many (if not most) enthusiasts, upgraded sway bars are not at the top of their lists for suspension improvements.  We tend to think of lower and firmer springs and firmer shock absorbers as the first course of performance suspension upgrades.  While these items can certainly be a part of the plan, upgrading the sway bars has a greater effect on actual handling and cornering for most street driven vehicles.  Additionally, the sway bars do not degrade the ride quality or make the suspension feel firmer over poor road surfaces.  If a lower ride height and noticeable increases in ride firmness are desired, we can add the springs and shocks to the upgraded sway bars for a full suspension upgrade package.  However, for a BMW or MINI owner who may not wish to lower the ride height or to degrade the ride quality for the daily commute, upgraded sway bars are the perfect answer to improve handling.  And, finally, no special tools are required and they can be installed in a couple hours.

Come on along as we install a new set of Bavarian Autosport Performance Sway Bars on an E46 3-series BMW (3-series 99-05).  This model is a 330ci, but the install procedures would be the same for all non-M3 and non-xi E46 3-series models.  Additionally, the E36 3-series (3-series 92-98) installation in practically identical.


  • Ramps or floor jack & jack stands
  • 3/8” or 1/2″ drive ratchets, extensions and 10mm through 16mm sockets
  • Metric combination wrench set (one end box, one end open) 10mm through 18mm


  • Bavarian Autosport Sway Bar Kit
  • New Front & Rear sway bar end links, if/as needed
  • New sway bar mount bushing brackets, if needed (due to rust)
  • Liqui-Moly Anti-Seize Compound (alternate lubrication)

Click below for sway bar kits:

Click below for Liqui-Moly anti-seize compound:

Bavarian Autosport

  1. Peter permalink

    Hi I Installed a bavarian autosport sway bar on my 94 325i and it was fairly easy to do and I noticed major improvements in handling. This is definitely a must for any car owner.

  2. Dennis permalink

    I would recommend the installer use safety goggles or side shields on their glasses to prevent debris from getting in the eyes.

  3. Cole permalink

    I’m intrested in improving suspension performance and replacing broken rear springs but retaining stock ride height. I noticed a lack of parts on BavAuto for the e46 xi series. Does BavAuto carry any many suspension parts for a the e46 xi line?

    • Otto permalink

      We do stock the rear springs for the E46 xi models. Additionally, we have MANY more parts in addition to what is shown on the web site. We can also order ANY part that you need for the car. Just give us a call at 800-535-2002.

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