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BMW Oil Drain Plug Location M50 E34 5-Series 525i, 525it and E36 3-Series 325i, 325is, 325ic

February 28, 2012

car year: 1995
car model: 525i
Where is the drain plug?

The 95 525i is the BMW E34 chassis (5-series 89-96) and has the M50 6-cylinder engine (2.5 liter, 4-valves/cylinder, double overhead cams). In the US, the M50 engine was used in the E34 chassis (as the 525i and 525it) and the E36 3-Series (92-98) as the 325i and 325is. While the engines are identical in either the E34 or E36 chassis, the oil pan and oil pump are different. The E34 models have the oil pan sump (the deep part of the pan) at the front of the engine (forward of the engine support crossmember) and the E36 models have the oil sump at the rear of the engine (rearward of the engine crossmember.

The oil drain plug will be in the bottom of the sump (the deep part of the pan) on the passenger side of the sump. Some models may have a plastic splash shield that covers the area of the oil pan drain plug. In these cases, the shield must be removed first.

See the link below for a DIY on two methods of changing the oil in your BMW. The video in the link shows the vacuum method. Using this method (and the vacuum oil change tool), you do not even need to get under the car to access the drain plug. Further down in the post, we show the basic steps for draining the oil using the drain plug.

Click HERE for vacuum method oil change DIY

Photo showing oil draining from oil sump:

Click below for vacuum oil extractor:

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