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DIY Video – BMW and MINI – Using the CReader-VI (CR-6) Fault Code Tool – Fuel Trims and Diagnosing Live Data

December 23, 2011

This video shows the basic usage and functions of the Launch CReader VI (C Reader 6) OBD-II fault code diagnostic reader and reset tool.  This tool is unique from other OBD-II code readers in that it is a full color multi-graphing code scanning tool that can read and display engine management sensors and operating parameters, such as:

*  Fault code Freeze-Frame data – Freeze frame data gives all of the engine operating parameters (fuel trim values, O2 voltages, engine temp, RPM, speed, load, throttle position, MAF data, etc) that were current at the moment a fault code was generated, or for a specific period within the past 8 operating hours.  This allows the diagnostician to narrow the search for the cause of the fault code.

*  Live engine management data – As above, but current live running data.

*  Readiness Monitors - Status of all OBD-II readiness monitors that are required for OBD-II emissions testing.

*  Graph or chart data readouts – Data can be displayed in various graph formats or alpha-numeric data chart format.

*  Evaporative system testing.

*  USB system updates.

Click below for CReader-VI tool:

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