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DIY Video – BMW V8 M60 M62 Crankcase Ventilation Check Valve Cover – How To Replace

December 22, 2011

The Crankcase Ventilation System (also known as PCV, or Positive Crankcase Ventilation) on the later model BMW V8 and 6-cylinder engines typically consists of a check valve (PCV valve), an oil separator and various vent and vacuum hoses. We have found that all of these applications (both V8 and 6-cylinder) have been experiencing failures of various parts of the system. The diaphragms in the check valves rupture, the check valves crack, the hoses deteriorate and oil sludge builds up in the hoses and valves that can partially or fully clog, or block, the system. We have designed kits for both the V8 and the 6-cylinder applications that give you everything that you’ll need in order to repair and renew the crankcase ventilation systems.

In these DIY videos, we’ll replace the V8 PCV Check valve – cover assembly.  This applies to the M60 and M62 V8 engines used in the 540i, 740i, 740il, 840i, 840ci and X5.  The PCV system consists of the check valve assembly, venting tubes and hoses, an oil separator, and an oil drain (back to the oil sump).  The system is well known to have problems with vacuum leaks due to hose and check valve deterioration and cracking.  The V8 systems do not have nearly as much propensity toward clogging as the 6-cylinder systems do.

We typically get into servicing the PCV system when we see the symptoms appear, such as; oil burning, rough idle, engine fault codes that suggest air/fuel mixture problems or oxygen sensor problems and other symptoms that would suggest vacuum leaks in the system’s ventilation hoses or a ruptured check valve diaphragm.  We are typically seeing the Check valve assemblies fail at mileages between 50,000 and 100,000. With these thoughts in-mind, you certainly would not go wrong in performing this task as a preventative maintenance operation, as opposed to waiting for the inevitable failure.

In the early days of these failures, the generally accepted repair procedure (in order to replace the check valve assembly) was to remove the intake manifold for access to check valve cover. We have found that the repair can be accomplished without removing the manifold. This greatly reduces the complexity and time of the repair.

Our DIY video will show you how to replace the check valve cover assembly, without removing the intake manifold.  This DIY was performed on a 99 740il with M62 engine.  There are minor differences on the models up through 1998, but the general procedure is the same.  Additionally, different models and chassis may require removal of firewall mounted climate control air intakes and/or wiring harnesses in order to access the check valve.  These steps will be covered in the applicable Bentley repair manual.

Bentley repair manuals:

V8 PCV Check Valve Repair Kit, M62 models through early 2000s:

V8 PCV Check Valve Repair Kit, models through 1995:

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  1. Steve Xander permalink

    thanks Otto, this a great resource. I will be replacing my PCV check valve soon and I will refer to this video when I’m ready.

  2. Michael Mihailov permalink

    Excellent video. Very professionally done. Thank you.

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