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BMW Fault Code – P1250 – Proprietary BMW Fault Codes vs. OBD-II

December 14, 2011

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 1997
car model: 528i
Hi, my 97 528i runs like a fugitive, no idling problems, but I have a P1250 code along with that check engine light.  Can anyone tell my were to look? I just bought this car and I just feel like getting knee deep in grease with it.  Doesn’t matter what’s wrong with it. I will fix it myself.

P1250 is not a valid code for your 97 528i. It may be that you are using a generic OBD-II reader and it cannot properly read a BMW proprietary code (as opposed to the DOT mandated generic OBD-II codes). When this happens, the code reader will typically give a false code number.

We do offer a code reader and reset tool that is capable of reading not only the OBD-II codes but also the BMW proprietary codes.  The tool also resets the oil change and inspection reminders.  Once we actually know what the fault code is, we can then address it.

BMW Proprietary fault code reader (all BMW models from late ’80s through early ’00s):

  1. orion permalink

    thanks otto,how about codes 1188,1189,0170 and1073.could you tell me were to look or what to change?thank you.

    • Otto permalink

      What model BMW do you have, that is generating these codes?

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