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DIY Video – BMW “Pencil Style” Coil Replacement – Install How To – M54, M62, N62

October 28, 2011

Late model BMW “pencil” coils require special attention during installation, to assure proper installation. Failure to follow the steps and notes shown in this video may result in engine fault codes and/or a no-start situation.

This video will assume that the installer is familiar with the standard ignition coil replacement procedures and has access to the appropriate repair manuals for the applicable BMW models. Repair manuals are available from Bavarian Autosport. The video shows the 6-cylinder installation; 8-cylinder and 12-cylinder are similar.

If your BMW uses the earlier “bolt-in” coils with the round or square upper coil sections, see our DIY video for coil and spark plug replacement on these models.    CLICK HERE to see the video.

Click below for Bentley repair manuals:

Click below for Ignition coils (and tune-up parts):

Click below for Disposable work gloves:

Bavarian Autosport

  1. greg permalink

    Informative & precise. My BMW is a 2005 with 52,000 miles would you recommend changing spark plugs along with coils?

    • Otto permalink

      If you are installing the BavAuto High Performance Coils, you can certainly take the opportunity to install fresh spark plugs while you have the coils removed. The spark plugs that are used in your 2005 model should not be fully in need of replacement at 52K miles. However, they will be worn and replacement will show an improvement in engine efficiency ….. especially with the high performance coils.

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