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BMW 5-Series Wiper Blade Replacement DIY – E34 1989-96 525i, 530i, 540i

October 12, 2011

See the steps below for wiper blade replacement procedures for BMW E34 models (5-series 89-96).

For other models, Click HERE to see the DIY video.

Click below for BMW wiper blades:


*  The E34 chassis wiper blade attachment is basically a standard “J” hook style, as shown in the DIY video mentioned above.  One minor difference is that the driver side uses an upside-down (or inverted) ”J” for early production models (through 12/89).  The wiper attachment clip works just as with other “J” hook applications (including the passenger side on the E34) …. it’s just oriented differently.  Models produced from 01/90-on have the standard “J” hooks (not inverted).

*  Due to the early driver’s side inverted “J” hook design, and the low-profile arm-to-blade design of the driver side wiper (for all years), the E34 chassis models can only use specific BMW wiper blades on the driver’s side.  Therefore, the blades must be replaced with full BMW blades or the BMW rubber blade inserts.  Attempting to use a universal blade on the driver’s side will result in binding and an improper fit.

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