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BMW Recall, Turn Signals, X3 xDrive30i, X3 M40iX, G01, 18V431000

Jul 25 18

BMW X3 G01 BAVauto
BMW is performing a recall on various X3 G01 models from model year 2018.  The outer rear turn signals may flash red while the inner rear signal lights flash amber.  This condition may confuse following drivers and does not meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Affected models:

G01 – 2018 X3 30iX & M40iX

According to the recall:

“Turn signals that flash multiple colors may confuse other drivers, increasing the risk of a crash”

BMW will inspect the rear turn signals and repair or replace as necessary.

The recall is scheduled to begin August 13, 2018.  Owners of affected vehicles are being notified by BMW.  Further information can be obtained by contacting BMW customer relations at 1-800-525-7417.

BMW recall 18V431000

Bavarian Autosport

BMW DIY, Fog Light and Bulb Removal and Replacement, How To

Jul 16 18


This post compiles BAVauto’s DIY articles for fog light removal and replacement and bulb replacement as applicable to various BMW models.  Check the links below for individual How-To articles.

 Purchase your replacement Fog lights here (click image):
Replacement fog liights for BMW and MINI foglight BAVauto

Fog Light and bulb DIY articles:

BMW E36 (3-series 92 thru 98, plus 99 M3, Coupes & Convertibles)

BMW E46 (3-series 99 through 05, plus 06 Coupes and Convertibles)

BMW E34 (5-series 89 through 96)

BMW E39 (5-series 97 through 03)

BMW E38 (7-series 94 through 01)


Bavarian Autosport

Keep Your Interior Cool with BMW and MINI Windshield Sunshades, BAVauto®

Jun 20 18

How to have the “coolest” BMW or MINI on the block.

BAVauto BMW and MINI windshield sunshade

For years we’ve been telling people about the benefits of putting a Bavarian Autosport windshield sunshade in their BMW or MINI. Not only does it keep your interior cooler, it protects your dash against drying out and cracking – and a dash is not an easy or inexpensive thing to replace. Even here in New Hampshire, where it gets above 80° only about 8 weeks out of the year, a sunshade makes a huge difference! How huge? We did a test in our parking lot. We parked a 2001 330i in the sun at 11:30AM. The outside temperature was 95°F. We placed a thermometer on the console, rolled up the windows, waited about 15 minutes and took the picture below. It shows the interior temperature at 138°F.
138 degrees interior, without BAVauto windshield sunshade

We then aired the car out, installed our windshield sunshade and repeated the procedure at 12:00 noon. The picture below shows the temperature is nearly 30° cooler.

Interior temperature with BAVauto windshield sunshade BMW MINI

Why a Bavarian Autosport sunshade?

Three reasons:
1. Unlike those generic sunshades you see in auto parts stores, ours are custom-cut to fit BMW and MINI windshields precisely, so they provide complete protection (no gaps) and look great installed. Installation is a simple matter of unrolling or unfolding the shade, sliding it over the dash and up behind the windshield, then flipping the visors down to hold it in place.
BMW and MINI Foam Core windshield sunshade BAVauto

2. Using a sunshade increases your comfort tremendously, keeping the temperature inside your BMW or MINI up to 40° cooler. (Are you listening, Arizona?) You’ll also notice that your seats, steering wheel and shift knob are much more comfortable to the touch. No more searing the back of your legs when you sit in shorts, or scorching your fingers when you grab the wheel.

3. It provides protection against costly UV damage to your interior. Cracked dashboards, cloudy wood trim, faded leather – these are all very expensive and time consuming to repair. If left unrepaired, they will drastically affect your trade-in and resale values.
Prevent BMW cracked dash, windshield sunshade BAVauto

We offer two different sunshades: a thinner, roll-up version and our Ultimate, folding version. You can learn about the differences by clicking on the photo below.

Click image below for BMW and MINI Windshield Sunshades:
BMW and MINI interior windshield sunshade BAvauto

Bavarian Autosport