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Dimple Neodymium Magnetic Drain Plugs, Video, Best Choice For BMW and MINI

May 11 18



Here at BAVauto, we’ve been using and recommending the Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs since our first evaluation and testing of them.  As implied in the video, above, these are the highest quality and strongest magnetic drain plugs that we have ever used or tested.

Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs  are manufactured from either billet “Nickle Fusion” steel or modified original BMW or MINI drain plugs (depending on application), and use the strongest rare-earth neodymium (say, nee-oh-dim-ee-am) magnets.  While some original BMW and MINI applications use magnetic drain plugs (such as; some transmissions and differentials), the  neodymium magnets used in the Dimple plugs are far stronger than the magnets used in original BMW or MINI magnetic drain plugs (if the particular application has an original magnetic plug).  Additionally, the neodymium magnets are unaffected by the operating temperatures in automotive engines (up th 300 deg. F), transmissions and differentials.  Normal drain plug magnets weaken substantially as they become hot (over 175 deg F).

So What?

With all of the above points in mind, you may say, “so what?”  Well, as an engine or gearbox assembly operates, it creates wear.  Wear is the “scrubbing off” of fine metallic particles.  Even when using the highest quality synthetic lubricants, such as Liqui-Moly or Red Line, there will still be wear within the assembly.  Once these wear particles have been generated, we do not want them circulating through the system (via the flow of the lubricating fluid), as this would create additional wear.  This is why we have oil filters on our engines and automatic transmissions (note that most manual transmissions, differentials and transfer cases do not have filters).

OK, so why do we need a magnetic drain plug, if we have a filter?

Much of the metallic wear particles are small enough to pass through the filter media (if a filter is even used).  The magnetic drain plug will trap and hold these wear particles until the next fluid change.  When the magnetic drain plug is removed, the wear particles are cleaned from the magnet and forever removed from the engine or gearbox.  The magnetic plug is reinstalled and the cycle starts over again.  The higher magnetic strength of the neodymium magnets in the Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs will pull the metallic wear particles through the lubricating fluid from a greater distance (the particles do not have to pass as close to the magnet) and hold them with a greater tenacity.

Dimple engine oil drain plug – 2007 MINI Cooper


Bavarian Autosport

Liqui Moly Molygen Green Motor Oil for Low Friction, Low Wear, Long Life

May 10 18

Liqui Moly Molygen motor oil and BMW BAVauto

Molygen is a new synthetic technology motor oil from Germany’s Liqui Moly.  Molygen is a high performance, low-friction motor oil specially formulated for year-round use in BMWs, MINIs and other quality vehicles.  The combination of unconventional base oils and special advanced synthetic Tungsten friction modifiers, Molygen assures optimum wear protection, fuel economy and engine life.  Molygen carries the BMW Long-Life 01 rating (LL01, LL-01), as well as ACEA A3/B4 and API SN/CF.

Molygen is applicable to modern gas and diesel engines, with or without particulate filters.

Click image below for Liqui Moly Molygen:
Liqui moly green molygen motor oil BAvauto

Benefits of Liqui Moly Molygen synthetic motor oil BAVauto

Bavarian Autosport

How an Impala Inspired a BMW Bavaria Barn Find, Project Bavaria

May 7 18


Here at BAVauto® (Bavarian Autosport), we are enthusiasts, just like you.  Some of us have come to BAVauto as BMW enthusiasts, some had never touched a BMW or MINI before coming to BAVauto.  However, being enthusiasts, all have quickly picked up the bug.  Chuck is one such long-time BAVauto employee and converted enthusiast.  Here’s Chuck’s story on how he came to acquire his latest BMW project ……

As Chuck Tells it

When I was 5 or 6 years old, my father had a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible.  We rode around in her cruising the beach, and everywhere else, all summer. Even a trip to the hardware store was fun. The car was like a giant couch and everyone loved her. She was black with a white roof and white vinyl interior. One day, she stopped running and it was discovered that the frame was a bit suspect.  She was parked.  Winter came, snow piled up all around it.  My dog, Lady, decided to play king of the mountain on its roof and fell through.  That was the end of that car.  I was heartbroken, I had dreamed of learning how to drive in that car and one day owning it myself.

Since then, I have always wanted the same car.  However, after 25 years in the BMW business, I decided I would try to get the BMW equivalent to the car I loved so much, so long ago.  I decided to get a BMW Bavaria.  As you can imagine, these cars are fairly hard to come by, especially in the north-east.  Finnally. after a few months of looking, I found a 1974 in AmazonGrun.  Automatic with brown interior. It hadn’t run in a while and needed a lot of TLC.  Challenge accepted.
BMW Bavarian BAVauto

Once we had her home, an hour of tinkering, with the help of my son, got her running.  She needed some brake work so we could go and stop.  We took care of the brakes and finally took her for a ride through the neighborhood.  Much more work was needed, but we were on the way to success!

In The Mean-Time

As with most car enthusiasts, I never stop looking at other cars for sale and another Bavaria came up.  It was quite a bit farther away, but was a small-bumper 1973 (the year I was born) with a manual transmission (!).  ’73 was the last year of the Euro-style bumpers, instead of the aluminum “diving boards” that BMW was forced to put on in ’74 for the US DOT required 5mph crash protection.  The car was Malaga (maroon) with peanut butter colored interior.  Okay, grab a trailer and it’s road trip time (a story for another day) to NJ, where the car is located.

The barn doors open and there she is.  A true barn find (well, garage find). A California car that hasn’t been running for years and was stored out of the weather the whole time….by the original owner.

Barn Find BMW 1973 Bavaria 3.0 Malaga BAVauto

Out into the daylight and a quick wash.  Not bad at all.

BMW Bavaria 1973 3.0 BAVauto

Ok, don’t look too eager, but let’s get her on the trailer.  Actually, the seller was very pleased to know that the car was going to a long-time BAVauto employee and enthusiast.

Barn Find BMW 1973 Bavaria 3.0 Malaga BAVauto

We got her home and after some troubleshooting and a battery change, she fired right up! The dual Weber 32/36 carbs and Stahl long tube headers were singing their song.

BMW 1973 Bavaria 3.0 Stahl headers BAVauto

It even has all the correct pedals!

BMW Bavarian 3.0 clutch pedal BAVauto

The interior will clean up nicely … And a classic MOMO steering wheel to top it off!

MOMO steering wheel on 1973 Bavaria  3.0  BAVauto

She is, indeed, a nice car.  The previous owner let me know that the head had a small crack, so we let her run for a while to see what he meant.  It took some time, but we finally found it, a small crack inside one of the spark plug tubes.  Luckily, there was a complete spare cylinder head in the trunk (the trunk in this thing is huge!).  The “spare” head is now at the machine shop being checked for cracks, etc.
BMW Bavaria M30 Cylinder head and carbs BAVauto

More To Come….

So, the green Bavaria has already been moved to another owner and the Malaga Miss is here to stay.  Obviously, we have a lot more to do on a vehicle that has not run for over a decade, but this is what we at BAVauto love to do, whether its for ourselves or helping our customers with their projects.  Stay tuned for future installments ….. and we’ll keep sharing it with YOU!

Bavarian Autosport