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BAVauto Black Friday (Week) – 2017, Minimum 10% off, Free Shipping and 0% interest

Nov 22 17

It’s here!!! Black Friday @BAVauto® has been launched… a couple days early this year, so you can shop when it’s convenient for you. Take advantage of site-wide discounts, 0% APR financing and free shipping over $19.74 (the year we were founded). Some exceptions apply.

BAVauto® BLACK FRIDAY SALE, NOV. 21–27. This year we’re offering you three ways to save:

1) A minimum 10% discount1 site-wide (some products are 15-33% off).

2) Free shipping over $19.74 – the year we were founded.

3) Financing as low as 0% APR thru Affirm.

Just add the items you want to your shopping cart – any applicable discount will be automatically applied. (Look for the line labelled “Black Friday Discount” near the bottom of the cart.) Of course, there are some exceptions (see below), but hundreds of thousands of parts are now on sale. So don’t wait – start saving now!

Shop Now!

1. Excludes sale/clearance items, gift cards and brands that will not allow us to discount their products, including Arnott, Burger Motorsport, Covercraft, CSF, KONI, Lamin-X, Love The Drive, MagnaFlow, NOCO, Rockford Fosgate, SeaSucker and WeatherTech.
2. To the 50 United States and District of Columbia only. Excludes items that ship via Truck Freight.

American Red Cross
A portion of the proceeds from our Black Friday Sale will be donated to the American Red Cross in support of ongoing hurricane & wildfire relief efforts in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and California.


BMW Recall – i3, Possible Injuries if Seatbelt Not Used

Nov 22 17

BMW may be considering a voluntary recall on all i3 models sold in the US.  Reports state that 95th percentile women ( under 5′, 110 lbs) may be at risk of additional head/neck injuries in the even of a head-on collision …… when not wearing the seatbelt.

Currently, all i3 sales have been suspended and BMW has yet to announce what the potential recall will do to remedy the issue.

In the mean time, i3 drivers and riders can substantially reduce risk of injury …… by wearing their seatbelts,

To quote an article from an online green news source:

“It’s unknown how BMW will correct this, but it is known how the current i3 owners can prevent having any issue: Just wear your seat belt. I have a little personal experience with crashes and i3s. I owned a 2014 i3 REx for over three years until a few months ago when a distracted driver ran a red light and t-boned my car on the passenger side at about 45 mph. The car was a total loss, and I walked away a little sore, but relatively unscathed.”

At this time, it is expected that i3 owners will begin receiving letters from BMW in January, 2018.

Bavarian Autosport

BMW Oil Temparature Gauge vs Engine Coolant Temp Gauge

Nov 10 17

Most of us started driving when BMWs had actual engine temperature gauges (coolant temperature gauge).  Some later M models also had oil temp gauges.  Today’s later model BMWs and MINIs do not have driver view-able engine temp gauges, they simply tell you when the engine/coolant is running above specification.  Some later models (turbocharged models, in-particular) may have an oil temperature gauge, but still no engine (coolant) temperature gauge.

We have been finding that many drivers have been assuming that the oil temperature gauge is an engine temperature gauge.  In this case, the driver either thinks the engine is never coming up to full operating temperature, as the the gauge never reaches mid travel (the engine temp gauges typically run at the 1/2 gauge  point) …. or …. they think the engine is way too hot, since the normal operating oil temperature may be higher that the driver would expect if it were engine coolant temp.

If you have a temp gauge, take a look at it ….. does it have an image of an oil can on it?  If so, it’s an oil temp gauge.

Bavarian Autosport