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Oil Change on BMW Without Dipstick, How To

Apr 7 14

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 2010
car model: 328i xDrive Sedan

I wanted to know if changing oil was the same as any other BMW. I have a 2010 328 ix sedan Is the oil drained the same way? How do you check the oil level since it has no dip stick?

On most of the newer BMW models that do not have engine oil dipsticks, the actual oil change is really no different than any other model.  Until it’s time to refill.

Click HERE for BMW oil change DIY article

When refilling (after replacing the drain plug and installing a new oil filter), add the specified amount of oil, then start the engine.  Follow the specified oil level monitoring procedure for your specific BMW model (owners’ manual or Bentley Publishing repair manual).  The procedure for your E90 3-series model is as follows:

*  Car on level surface

* Run engine until operating temperature is reached.

* Increase engine RPM (speed) to 1100 rpm and hold for 3 minutes.

*  Return engine to idle speed.

* Use the toggle switch to scroll up or down until the oil level indicator shows in the instrument cluster display.

*  Press in the “BC” switch on the end of the turn signal lever to start the oil level check.

*  Proper oil level display is shown within about 3 minutes.

Bentley repair manuals:

Oil change kits:

Oil filters:

BMW DIY Video – Fluid and Filter Change, Automatic Transmission, ZF 6HP Models

Apr 2 14

This video, from ZF Services, details the fluid and filter change (replacement) for the ZF 6-HP family of 6-speed automatic transmissions (6HP-19, 6HP-21, 6HP-26, 6HP-28, 6HP-32), as used in many later model BMWs.

Thanks to ZF Services for allowing us to post this video.

Click HERE to see our other automatic transmission filter and fluid change DIY Video for examples of fluid and filter changes on earlier 5 and 4 speed BMW automatic transmissions.

The applicable Bentley repair manual will detail the specific steps in changing the fluid and filter for your BMW model and transmission application.  Click on the link below.

Click HERE for a discussion on replacing the fluid in high mileage BMW automatic transmissions and why “lifetime” is not what you may think.

Click HERE for official ZF letter detailing current service recommendations for “lifetime” original fluid applications.

Automatic transmission filter kits:

Automatic transmission fluid:

Bentley repair manuals:

BMW and MINI DIY Video – How to Install Front Camber Kit – Strut Mounts

Mar 28 14

See if this sounds familiar… As you pass by your BMW or MINI, checking out the smart lines of the body, the tires look just fine to you. And when you clean the wheels and the tires, or add some air, the tread blocks look nice and deep. Then just a short time later, you are under the car and discover with some amazement and disbelief (or you are told by a technician) that the tires need to be replaced – to the tune of several hundred dollars – because the insides of the tires are completely bald! How can this be? You’ve driven only a few thousand miles on them, or had them on the car for just a couple of seasons of use… and the outside tread looks almost new! Welcome to the world of negative camber.

Follow along as we demonstrate the installation of a typical front upper strut mount camber kit on a BMW.  We will install the kit on an read more…