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BavAuto – Susan G. Komen® Charity Raffle – 2015 – Congratulations to Winners

Oct 6 15

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for this year’s Susan G. Komen® charity raffle, and congratulations to our winners!  Due to the generous support of our customers and vendors, we were able to raise over $15,000 for the cause!

The raffle drawing took place at our headquarters in Portsmouth, NH on October 1st and all winners have been notified via email. There were 40 prizes including: Angel Eyes upgrade kits, Cool Carbon brake kits, SPEC Stage 1 gift certificate, Bentley Manuals, KONI shocks, PitStop Office Chair, Sprint Booster, Burger Motorsport engine tuning software, KW coil-over kit, Meyle rotors, Beyern wheels, Hella horns, BavAuto Stress Bars, Lloyd gift certificate, Lemur BlueDriver Bluetooth Code Reader/Sensor and more!.

The Grand Prize winner was Greg M. of New Jersey.  He won the all expense paid trip for two to Munich Germany, including airfare, hotel, rental car and $1,000 spending money.

 2015 Komen Charity Raffle Winners:

Stephen T., Maryland

Ronald C., Florida

David K., Alabama

John G., Louisiana

Chris D., Indiana

Michael F., Illinois

Robert H., Georgia

Peter M., Massachusetts

James R., Florida

Gregg S., Connecticut

Michael H., New York

Mark R., Texas

Allan B., Texas

Thomas P., Florida

James O., Massachusetts

Leslie R., Florida

David K., Alabama

Rodriguez P., Quebec, Canada

Jason C., Oklahoma

Majors H., Texas

Jack K., Louisiana

Steve H., California

Rolando T., Texas

Chris M., Colorado

Jason P., Ohio

Michael H., New York

Mark M., South Carolina

James F., Texas

Kelli B., California

Tom F., New York

Dmitriy K., New York

Anna P., South Carolina

Roger D., Maine

Christopher F., Pennsylvania

Marcin K., Washington

Marvin B., Tennessee

Matthew T., Maine

Kalin G., Massachusetts

Gary G., Florida

Gerald H., Florida

Greg M., New Jersey


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BMW DIY Video – Climate Control Blower Final Stage Unit (Blower Resistor), How To Replace

Sep 30 15


* While this DIY is specifically addressing replacement of the blower final stage unit in the E53 X5 (01-06) models, the general procedures are applicable to the late E36 3-series (96-98/99), E46 3-series (98-05/06), E39 5-series (97-03), E85/86 Z4 (03-08) and E83 X3 (04-10).  Specific details on the differences in trim panel removal are available in the applicable Bentley Publishers repair manuals.

One of the most common problems on later model BMWs is for the heat and A/C blower control to fail.  This causes the blower motor to run at varying speeds or not at all, or even to run continuously (not shut off).  Changing the blower speed input on the climate control panel may have intermittent or no effect on the actual blower speed or operation.  The most typical cause for these symptoms is a faulty blower final stage unit (commonly known as the blower resistor).

Later model BMWs (generally from the late ‘90s-on, with digital climate control panels) use a continuously variable blower speed control as opposed to the earlier models that have three or four specific blower speeds that are chosen via a control knob or dial.  This continuously variable control is accomplished through a digitally modulated “final stage unit”.  These final stage units do eventually fail and as noted above, the common symptoms may include; blower motor will not change speed per the climate control inputs, blower motor changes speed on its own when not in “auto” mode, blower motor does not operate at all, blower motor will not shut off.  If your BMW is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may need a new final stage unit.

Most BMW models have the blower final stage unit mounted in the area forward and above the left side of the passenger foot well (above and to the left of the passenger’s left foot).  (PHOTO #7605-1) In this DIY we will be replacing the final stage unit in an E53 X5 (2000-06).  The final stage location and the general procedures shown will be very similar for many BMW models, including; E36 3-series, E46 3-series, E39 5-series, E85/86 Z4 and E83 X3. The Bentley repair manuals detail the final stage unit location and replacement procedures for the different models.

Click below for Final Stage Units:

Click below for non-marring pry tools:

Click below for Torx bit set:

Click below for 69-piece metriic & Torx socket set:

DIY VIDEO: Final Stage Unit Replacement:



1)      Remove the forward plastic trim panel.

2)      Disconnect the courtesy light wiring harness and remove the trim panel.


3)      Press out and remove the damper securing pin.

4)      Press the right side of the glove box to allow the stopper to clear the frame so the box can be lowered.

5)      Remove the 6 Phillips-head screws securing the glove box assembly to the dash.

6)      Pry the glove box light down and disconnect the wiring harness.

7)      Lower the glove box assembly and remove it.

8)      Push side console trim panel forward to release rearward clip, after removing phillips-head screw.

9)      Unclip and remove the foot-well air duct.

10)   Locate the final stage unit by looking for the wiring harness plug.

11)   Pinch the release clips and remove the harness plug.

12)   Push down on the securing clip and pull the final stage unit out of the blower housing.

13)  Insert the new final stage unit into the mounting hole.  Align the two alignment pins with the two alignment ears on the unit.  Press the unit in fully until the securing clip snaps over the edge of the final stage unit.

14) Finish installation by installing the final stage harness plug, footwell air duct, side console trim panel, glove box and forward under-dash trim panel.

BMW V8, N63, Dead Battery, X5 and X6 50ix, 550i, 650i, 750i Li, E70, E71, F07, F10, F12, F01, F02, B001314

Sep 23 15

If you’re having trouble with battery life in your late model BMW X5, X6, 550i, 650i, 750i or 750li with the N63 twin turbo V8, you’re not alone.  Battery failure is common in these BMW models.  The specific models affected are:

E70 – X5 50ix (x-Drive), 2010-13

E71 – X6 50ix (x-Drive), 2008-13

Fo7 – 550i GT, 2009-13

F10 – 550i/ix Sedan, 2010-13

F06 – 650iix, Gran Coupe, 2012-13

F12 – 650i/ix, Convertible, 2010-13

F13 – 650i/ix, Coupe, 2011-13

F01 – 750i/ix, Alpina B7/B7x, 2008-13

F02 – 750Li/Lix, Alpina B7L/B7Lx, 2008-13

In order to achieve better fuel economy from the high-power N63 engines, BMW manipulated the battery charging system to create less parasitic drag (use of horsepower and fuel) while driving.  The charging system only charges the battery while coasting.   Therefore, if the car is used for city stop & go driving or longer steady-state highway driving the battery will discharge more than it is charged.  This leads to a slow depletion of the battery’s capacity until it eventually will not operate the vehicle’s electrical systems and cannot be charged.  Time for a new battery.

BMW has recognized this issue (and others relating to the N63 engine) and in December 2014 issued the service bulletin B001314, N63 Customer Care Package (CCP), which is basically an in-house service program (Don’t call it a recall!) for all N63 equipped BMW models.  In regards to the battery charging issue, the CCP replaces the battery with a new AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery with a higher amp-hour capacity and a greater ability to be deep discharged without the permanent damage that occurs when a standard flooded lead-acid battery is discharged.  Additionally, the CCP calls for battery replacement at every oil change, which has been updated to 10,000 miles from the initial 15,000 miles.

BMW is notifying registered owners of the included models to bring the vehicles in for the CCP updates.  Owners of affected vehicles that are in for other service will be notified as well.

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