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Need a Lawyer to Work on Your BMW or MINI? Sign Petition Against This Hurtful Law, Here

Apr 24 15

Some automakers are trying to copyright their vehicles, making it illegal for you to maintain or modify your own car!

It has come to our attention that automakers are lobbying the Librarian of Congress to obtain copyrights on their vehicles. The goal is to make it illegal for people to modify or perform work on their own cars. The first link below explains the issue in detail. The second link is to a petition you can sign if you think that people should be allowed to repair and modify their own vehicles without hiring a copyright attorney.

Please note: The Librarian of Congress has set a deadline of April 30, 2015, for submission of comments relating to this subject. If you wish to sign the petition, please do so before the 30th so has time to deliver all the signatures.

Sign the petition:

Please forward this to your friends and family!


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BMW Recall – X5– HPS (Head Protection System) Air Bag, F15, 15V147000

Apr 22 15

BMW is performing a recall on various X5 models from the 2014 and 2015 model years.  In affected models, the HPS air bag may not be properly secured to the inflator.

Affected models:

F15 X5 2014 & 2015, xDrive 35i, sDrive 35i, xDrive 50i – manufactured Aug 28, 2013 through Feb 16, 2015

F15 X5 2015 xDrive 35d – manufactured Aug 19, 2014 through Feb 16, 2015

According to the recall:

“Without a secure connection to the inflator, the HPS air bags may have insufficient inflation during a vehicle crash, increasing the risk of injury”.

BMW will replace the Head Protection System in affected models.

The recall is scheduled to begin April 1, 2015.  Owners of affected vehicles are being notified by BMW.  Further information can be obtained by contacting BMW customer relations at 1-800-525-7417.

BMW recall 15V147000


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BMW and MINI Huf Valve Stem Replacement – With or Without TPMS – How to Assemble – Run Flat

Apr 10 15

Huf (pronounced, “hoof”) is the original equipment supplier for run-flat tire pressure monitor assemblies on BMWs and MINIs up through the 2013 model year (as well as some early 2014 models).  Note that Beru was the supplier name for models through 2012, at which time Huf purchased Beru.  All TPMS units are now labeled as Huf.  Huf replacements give the confidence that original spec parts are being purchased and installed on your BMW or MINI.

The Huf TPMS assemblies and individual valve stems are installed just as the original units from BMW are installed.  The Huf valve stems are available in the standard silver as well as optional black and titanium, for matching or contrasting your stock or custom wheels.

Note that the HUF valve stems can be used without the TPMS sensors, on any BMW or MINI wheel, allowing you to upgrade from the standard black rubber valve stems to the silver, titanium or black solid valve stems, which are much more durable ….. and look better too!

Click below for Huf colored valve stems:

On an installation note; we do receive occasional calls from installers claiming that the valve stem securing nuts/sleeves do not fully tighten down on the wheel, leaving the valve stem loose on the wheel.  This is a simple case of unfamiliarity with the installation.  The threaded caps have a flange molded into the inner threaded area that initially acts like a stop and prevents the cap from fully threading onto the valve stem, securing it to the wheel. This flange is actually intended to function as a thread locker.  Simply keep tightening the cap until the flange breaks (internally to the cap) and finish tightening the cap to secure the valve stem.  The broken flange acts as a thread locking device, preventing the securing cap from vibrating loose.


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