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BMW N63 V8, 5-6-7-X5-X6-Series, Rough Running, Oil Consumption or Smoke, TSB, SI B11 07 12

Oct 27 15

Bulletin No: SIB-11-07-12
Date of Bulletin: 08/27/2012
Summary Description:

N63 Engine: Oil Consumption and/or Rough Running Complaints
E70 E71 F01 F02 F04 F07 F10 F12 F13

The vehicle may consume engine oil above the permissible specification, and may run rough at times. White or blue smoke may also be seen exiting the exhaust system.

The construction material of the crankcase ventilation connection lines and vent pipes may become brittle from engine compartment temperatures.

E70 and E71 produced to 3/2011
F01, F02, F04, F07, F10, F12, F13 produced to 1/2011

1. Remove the engine cover and inspect the crankcase ventilation connecting lines.
Each of the connecting lines will have an index number printed on the connection
closest to the cylinder head cover.

2.Production code
Part Number and Index Number
Example : 7575639-07
The index number is separated from the 7-digit part number by a hyphen.

3. If the index number is “7″ or lower, both crankcase ventilation connecting lines and vent pipes need to be replaced.
The improved replacement parts will have an index of “8″ or higher.

4. Each cylinder head cover and vent pipe connection has two M6x18 screws attaching these components. The torque specification for these screws is 10 +/- 1.5 Nm.
Important: Do not replace the cylinder head covers for this complaint.

E70 and E71 produced from 3/2011
F01, F02 F04, F07, F10, F12, F13 produced from 1/2011
Inspect the crankcase ventilation connecting lines and vent pipes connections; if found loose, properly secure them.
Important: Do not replace the cylinder head covers for this complaint.

Bavarian Autosport

BMW N62 V8, Crankcase Ventilation System Repair and Update, TSB, SI B11 01 07

Oct 27 15
BMW SI B11 01 07
N62 and N62TU Crankcase Ventilation System – Cold Climate Conditions
E60 (5 Series) 545i from start of production up to 9/2005
E60 (5 Series) 550i from 9/2005 up to 10/2006
E63, E64 (6 Series) 645Ci and 645CiC from start of production up to 9/2005
E63, E64 (6 Series) 650Ci and 650CiC from 9/2005 up to 10/2006
E65, E66 (7 Series) 745i and 745Li from start of production up to 3/2005
E65, E66 (7 Series) 750i and 750Li from 3/2005 up to 10/2006
E53 (X5) 4.4i and 4.8iS from 10/2003 up to 9/2006
E70 (X5) 4.8i from 9/2006 up to 10/2006
Certain areas of the US experience extremely cold climate conditions during the winter months. A small number of vehicles in the above-listed Series have experienced problems ranging from leaking oil-filler caps, leaking or broken valve covers, to complete engine failure.
Moisture accumulating in the engine crankcase ventilation valve or hoses can freeze due to low ambient temperatures. When this occurs, depending on the position of the internal valve, it may either cause high crankcase pressures (stuck closed) resulting in valve cover leakage and/or breakage, or cause an oil hydro-lock condition (stuck open), which could result in engine damage.
Replace the cylinder 1-4 head cover and install updated ventilation hose(s). Refer to one of the following procedures, based on model and production. Refer to Repair Instruction RA 11 12 006, Removing and installing/sealing right cylinder head cover (N62/N62TU).
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BMW V8, N63, High Oil Use, X5 and X6 50ix, 550i, 650i, 750i Li, E70, E71, F07, F10, F12, F01, F02, B001314

Oct 27 15

If you’re having trouble with high engine oil consumption in your late model BMW X5, X6, 550i, 650i, 750i or 750li with the N63 twin turbo V8, you’re not alone.  High oil usage is common in these BMW models.  The specific models affected are:

E70 – X5 50ix (x-Drive), 2010-13

E71 – X6 50ix (x-Drive), 2008-13

Fo7 – 550i GT, 2009-13

F10 – 550i/ix Sedan, 2010-13

F06 – 650iix, Gran Coupe, 2012-13

F12 – 650i/ix, Convertible, 2010-13

F13 – 650i/ix, Coupe, 2011-13

F01 – 750i/ix, Alpina B7/B7x, 2008-13

F02 – 750Li/Lix, Alpina B7L/B7Lx, 2008-13

BMW’s high output N63 4.4 liter V8 engines have been experiencing, what most owners would consider, high oil usage. BMW has addressed this via an N63 specific service bulletin and service procedure updates.  The universal BMW oil consumption service bulletin (# SI B11 03 13) states that oil consumption of up to 2.5 quarts per 1000 miles is acceptable, noting factors such as turbocharging and driving styles as contributors.  The bulletin also notes that proper operation and maintenance of the crankcase ventilation system is very important on these engines, as a positive crankcase pressure can cause oil to be forced past the piston rings and into the combustion chambers. Service bulletin #  SI B11 07 12 addresses inspection and retrofitting of the N63 crankcase ventilation system.  Oddly enough, the bulletin also states that overfilling, by any amount, can be a cause of oil consumption, which is in direct opposition to the modified procedures in the, later issued, oil consumption service bulletin for the N63 (#SI B11 01 13) and the N63 CCP (Customer Care Package) program.

The N63 oil consumption service bulletin (#SI B11 01 13) states that it is common and acceptable for the N63 engines to consume more oil than what may be considered normal for other BMW engines, due to the turbocharging.  BMW has modified the oil service procedures to reduce the time between oil changes from 15,000 miles to 10,000 miles.  Additionally, the oil fill is increased by 1-quart, for a total capacity of 9.5 quarts.  We assume this is all so that the vehicle owner/driver will not notice, or be alarmed by, the higher than expected oil consumption in the period between oil services.

Click HERE for BMW TSB  SI B11 03 13 (Oil Consumption)


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