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BMW and MINI DIY Video – Brake Fluid Bleed and Flush – How To

September 6, 2011


Bavarian Autosport recommends an annual brake fluid change, or flush. This assures that the brake fluid is not carrying moisture which causes corrosion to the steel parts of the braking system, such as; brake calipers and master cylinders (or even ABS pumps). Additionally, the moisture in the fluid lowers the boiling point of the fluid. This can cause a loss of braking when the brakes (and the fluid) get very hot through repeated heavy use … like high-performance or mountain driving (or a day at the track). The annual fluid replacement rids the fluid of absorbed moisture.

With a couple simple tools, the brake fliud is easy to flush and replace.  These same procedures would be used for bleeding a single (or multiple) brake caliper(s) to remove the air from the system after a service that required the brake hydraulic lines to be disconnected.

Brake fluid pressure bleed and flush tool:

Brake fluid:

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  1. David S. permalink

    Thanks again, Otto… for making this DIY video, showing proper setup and use of the pressure bleed and flush tool. Oh yes, thanks for pointing out checking the level of new brake fluid in the pressure brake bleeder fill tank so it won’t empty out by accident while bleeding the calipers:)

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