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BMW and MINI DIY Video – Replacing The Cabin Microfilter (Micro Filter) How To

November 15, 2010

Most BMW and MINI owners are very good about changing their engine’s air filter, but they rarely change the cabin air microfilter. (If your response is, “I didn’t even know my BMW had a cabin air microfilter,” you’re not alone.)  The size and shape of these filters vary widely from model to model, as does the step-by-step procedure for changing them.

Dirty filter on top, clean filter below

BMW and MINI recommend that these filters be changed every 15,000 miles (down from 30,000 originally).  Otto recommends once per year or more often if the vehicle is used in “dirty air” areas.  A 6-month inspection of the filter will reveal where the actual change interval should be.  Once you install the new microfilter, you’ll notice that the car smells fresher and the AC works better.  Bavarian Autosport stocks all of the BMW and MINI micro-filters at or call our agents at 800-535-2002 for assistance.

BMW & MINI climate control / cabin air micro-filters:

In the links below, we have both Videos and non-video DIYs for replacing your BMW’s  or MINI’s cabin microfilter(s).


MINI – All

E46 3-Series (99-05)

E90 E91 E92 E93 3-Series (06-11)

E60 E61 5-Series (04-10) and E63 E64 6-Series (04-11)

E38 7-Series (95-01)


R50 R53 MINI (through 06), R52 MINI Convertible (through 08)

E82 E88 1-Series (through 11)

E36 3-Series (92-98)

F30 3-Series Sedan (2013-current)

E34 5-Series (89-96)

E39 5-Series (97-03)

F07/10 – 5-Series (10-current)

F12/13 – 6-Series (11-current conv, 13-current coupe/sedan)

E32 7-Series (88-94)

E65 E66 7-Series (02-09)

F01, F02, F04 7-Series (10-current)

E85 E86 Z4 (thru 08)

E53 X5 (thru 06)

E70 X5 (07-current)

E71 X6 (08-current)

TBA DIY/Video (soon to come):

E83 X3 (thru 10) – TBA

F25 X3 (11-current, 2011) – TBA


  1. Harrison permalink

    I do not see a video attached to this article

    • You may have an issue with your browser not showing it. We just checked the post and the video is indeed present at the bottom of the post. Try the link below, directly to the video on YouTube:

      Click HERE for E60 Microfilter video

  2. Adam permalink

    Is this a similar process for my 2003 325xi?

  3. How about a similar video for us 3-Series owners?

    • What year is your 3-series? See the prior reply for the E46 models (3-series 99-05)

  4. will you put up a video to change the cabin filter for the ’07 Z4?

  5. Pete Pasciucco permalink

    Excellent. Got a video on an E90 325XI Sedan?

  6. steve permalink

    Do you have instructions for my 2001 525i?

  7. bartlett permalink

    What about the 3 series?

  8. Does the E-30 have this filter? Mine is a 92 318iC.

    • The E30 models (3-series 84-91 .. plus 92 convertible) do not have micro-filters.

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