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DIY Video – BMW and MINI Brake Pad and Rotor Change – Brake Job

September 6, 2011

Note that these DIY videos apply to most single piston BMW calipers on models from the early ’80s through the mid to late 2000s.  Many later model BMWs have a different style caliper.  This applies to many 3, 5, 6 and 7-series models from the mid-2000s to current.
Even though the caliper does look different, the procedures are mostly the same as shown in these videos.   See the link below for a listing of the specific BMW model using this new design and a DIY update that is to be used along with these videos.

Click HERE for late model BMW single piston caliper DIY update


We’ve separated the brake pad and rotor replacements into two videos (above). Part-1 shows the brake pad replacement. Part-2 shows the brake rotor replacement. If you are replacing both the pads and the rotors (which we typically recommend), watch both part-1 and part-2, for the complete procedure. MINI models are similar but do have minor differences.

In addition to these videos, the applicable Bentley repair manual will detail the specific steps for each BMW or MINI model.


Bentley manuals:

Brake pads and rotors, Front:

Brake pads and rotors, Rear:

Digital torque Wrench:

Noise-Free compound:

Caliper grease:

Anti-Seize compound:

Brake parts cleaner:

Brake cleaning brush:

Caliper piston retractor tool:

  1. David S. permalink

    Great job on the DIY video, Otto! I like the way you carefully walked through the entire process, pointing out the special compounds, lubricants and tools needed for this project and why. The video was clear as well as your voice…. too bad you had to use that nice BMW t-shirt for a shop towel :) Cheers!

    • Otto permalink

      Thanks for the kind words! That t-shirt has been “around the block “…. a few times.

  2. Bob A. permalink

    On the pad replacement, when and where do you use the anti-squeal compound?

    • Otto permalink

      The Noise Free anti-squeal compound is applied to the back of each brake pad. Just cover the whole back of the pad, except the outer mounting tabs (or ears). Apply the Noise Free the day before (or longer is OK) you plan on doing the installation.

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