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Bavarian Autosport Show and Shine 2014 – BavAuto

Oct 11 14

After a few years in a row of cold, wet weather – and a very soggy Saturday – a collective sigh of relief emanated from BMW and MINI enthusiasts around the northeast… SHOW & SHINE WOULD BE SUNNY AND WARM! That probably explains why, when the lot opened (early) at 7:45am, there was a line of a couple hundred BMWs and MINIs snaking its way north along Constitution Ave. and onto Banfield Rd., and another line heading south on Constitution towards Route 1.

Click HERE for “waiting in line” video

However, the BavAuto crew did their usual outstanding job and had the lot filled with more than 300 cars – all neatly parked – by 9:40. The free coffee and donuts ran out soon after.

Click HERE for overhead “fly-by” video

Then at 10:00, the first raffle drawing was held. Once again, Bavarian Autosport and its generous vendor partners donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear for both the free raffle (anyone in attendance could enter) and the charity raffle (tickets were sold to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure).

There were 80 prizes in the free raffle, ranging from $10 cans of Noise Free, to $100 metric wrench sets, to $175 jars of Zymöl Concours wax. In the charity raffle, instead of the usual 20 regular prizes, there were 40 (in honor of our 40th anniversary) plus a brand new Grand Prize – a one-week, trip for two to Munich, Germany, including airfare, hotel, rental car and $1,000 spending money. The 40 regular prizes ranged in value from $200 Smith Optics sunglasses, to a $900 set of Beyern Spartan wheels, to a $1600 KW Variant 1 coil-over kit, while the Grand Prize is valued at more than $4,000.

Apparently doubling the number or prizes had a direct correlation to ticket sales: in 2013 we raised just over $11,000 for the Komen fund, while this year we doubled that, raising $23,600. (A complete list of prizes and winners can be found at the end of this post.)

As at previous Show & Shine events, Bavarian Autosport’s owners and staff prepared a massive, free barbecue lunch for anyone in attendance. In less than one hour they cooked and served 730 hamburgers, 280 bratwurst and 350 hot dogs… not to mention three kegs of Smuttynose beer (also free, but only for folks 21 and older).

Click HERE for food service photo gallery

On the DIY front, Bavarian Otto and Andy Douglass demonstrated how to install a few audio upgrades on late-model BMWs and MINIs (using a 2007 335i as the example), including speakers, subwoofers and smartphone/iPod interfaces.

Meanwhile, there were 20+ companies represented under the vendor tent, including:
- Bentley Publishers
- Cool Carbon brake pads (all the way from AZ!)
- Continental Rubber Products
- Behr radiators
- Mann-Filter
- Sachs shocks
- Lemförder chassis parts
- ZF automatic transmission fluids & filters
- Hella
- KONI shocks
- UUC Motorwerks
- Liqui Moly
- Meyle
- P21S
- Mahle
- D-Force Wheels
- ISC Suspensions
- Stealth
- Rockford-Fosgate
- Nokian Tyre

But of course, the main reason people come to Show & Shine is to look at all the beautiful Bimmers and magnificent MINIs. And they were not disappointed – the good weather enticed several exotic BMWs out of their garages, including a Z1, 1600 coupe, 3.0cs, and a bevy of 2002s. But the younger generation of BMWs was equally represented, including new M5s, M6s, X1s, 4 series, i3 and more. (You can see all the cars in our photo gallery – link below.)

Click HERE for Show & Shine 2014 photo gallery #1

Click HERE for Show & Shine 2014 photo gallery #2

Once the show was over, just before the Grand Prize was drawn, a 40th birthday cake was presented to the company owners and the crowd joined Bavarian Otto in singing “Happy Birthday” them. They turned right around and thanked the crowd for making it all possible. Here’s to another 40!

 Komen Charity Raffle Prizes & Winners:

1. Cool Carbon S/T/ brake pads, front & rear – John Pehl, Massachusetts

2. Remus $400 gift certificate – Connie M., Massachusetts

3. Set of four Meyle Platinum brake rotors – Richard F., Illinois

4. Powerflex urethane bushings, three sets – Eric E., Massachusetts

5. SONAX detailing gift sets – Anonymous

6. BlueDriver code reade & Bentley manual – Phillip C., Connecticut

7. Zymöl Concours wax & WeatherTech license plate frame – James N. Jr., Mississippi

8. Love The Drive convertible windscreen – Harriet J., New York

9. Angel Eyes upgrade kit & Bentley repair manual – Stan F., California

10. Bavarian Autosport high-performance ignition wires – Chris W., Massachusetts

11. Smith Optics $200 gift certificate – Micha F., Ontario

12. Bavarian Autosport aluminum stress bar – Jennifer G., Rhode Island

13. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust $200 gift certificate – Suzanne C., New Hampshire

14. Zymöl Concours wax & WeatherTech license plate frame – James C., Illinois

15. Bavarian Autosport aluminum stress bar – Eric N., North Carolina

16. Brembo front & rear brake rotors and pads – Mark W., Georgia

17. Set of four Meyle Platinum brake rotors – Darryl N., North Carolina

18. Set of four KONI shocks – Anonymous

19. Burger Motorsports JB Plus – Jared M., Massachusetts

20. Sprint Booster – Karl S., Florida

21. Burger Motorsports Juice Box Plus – Scott S., New York

22. Set of four 17” Beyern Spartan wheels – Matthew S., Florida

23. Set of four Nokian Nordman snow tires – Joseph D., Louisiana

24.  PitStop Furniture Grand Prix office chair – Anthony K., Massachusetts

25. Angel Eyes upgrade kit & Bentley repair manual – Jordan K., New Hampshire

26. Bavarian Autosport high-performance ignition wires – Doug H., South Dakota

27. $500 gift card courtesy of BMW of Stratham – Tom D., New York

28. Rockford-Fosgate “Punch” 300-watt subwoofer – Dustin. R, California

29. Zymöl Concours wax & WeatherTech license plate frame – John M., California

30. KW Variant 1 coil-over kit – Matthew D., Massachusetts

31. SPEC clutch kit – Quinn K., Connecticut

32. Bavarian Autosport aluminum stress bar – Don H., Tennessee

33. Bavarian Autosport aluminum stress bar – Michael P., Pennsylvania

34. UUC Motorwerks EVO3 short shift kit – Adam N., British Columbia

35. Bavarian Autosport aluminum stress bar – Georgia B., Washington

36. Bavarian Autosport pre-painted rear wing – Virginia Z., Illinois

37. Bavarian Autosport pre-painted rear wing – Jeff D., New Hampshire

38. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust $200 gift certificate – Mike C., Massachusetts

39. Zymöl Concours wax & WeatherTech license plate frame – Anonymous

40. PIAA bulbs and wipers & Touring Class floor mat set – Mark G., Massachusetts

Grand Prize: Kevin V. A., New Hampshire


Lemfoerder vs Lemförder … Which is The Real Part?

Oct 10 14

Is it Lemfoerder or Lemförder?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about the spelling of this brand name. If you’re not familiar with the company, Lemfoerder – part of the ZF family of brands – is a German manufacturer of chassis parts. They are an OE supplier to BMW and many other carmakers and also produce OEM-quality replacement parts for the aftermarket (i.e. not from a BMW dealer).

At Bavarian Autosport, we sell a lot of Lemfoerder parts. We also sell a lot of Lemförder parts. That’s because it’s the same company. There’s no trickery going on here, just German punctuation. See those two dots over the “o”? That’s called an umlaut (say “oom-laut”). In the German language, those two dots essentially take the place of the “e” – kind of like shorthand. In the Lemfoerder logo, ZF uses the version with the umlaut. But since you can’t use umlauts in web addresses, ZF spells it with an “e” in the URL. See how it is spelled out in this link? If you click on the link, you’ll see that the logo uses the umlaut.

That is why you can see the name spelled in different ways. In print (our newsletters and catalogs), we use the umlaut version since that’s what Lemförder uses in its logo, but in digital media (web sites, Word docs, emails, plain text, etc.), using umlauts can be a challenge, so we either leave the umlaut off or spell it with an “oe”. But no matter how it is spelled, you can rest assured that when you buy from Bavarian Autosport, you are getting a genuine Lemförder/Lemfoerder/Lemforder part from Germany.

If you’d like to use the umlaut version in your communications, here are the keystrokes:

- On Macs, hit Option+U then O

- On PCs, hit Alt+0-2-4-6 using the numeric (extended) keypad. (On a laptop, use “num lock” and the special numbers keys.)

In out next blog post, we’ll discuss why the German language spells the word for street as strasse and straße.



Bavarian Autosport


BMW and MINI – Long Term Vehicle Storage How To Guidelines, Winter

Oct 9 14

Otto receives a load of vehicle storage questions from BMW and MINI owners as we head into the fall and winter months. Additionally, we see these questions in the spring when “snow birds” are storing their southern vehicles and heading north for the summer. Whatever the cause for the extended vehicle storage, if we follow a few simple steps our BMWs and MINIs will be well taken care of and be ready to go when it’s time to wake them from their sleep.

In prepping your BMW/MINI for extended storage, we would suggest the following steps.You can choose to perform all steps or just the most imperative.

1)  In dealing with our current ethanol laced fuel, it is more important than ever to pay attention to prepping the fuel system. If the vehicle has been running regularly and the fuel is fairly fresh, add the appropriate amount of fuel storage stabilizer (for a full tank) and add fuel to fill the tank. Run the engine for a few minutes to distribute the fuel through the system (driving home from the gas station is plenty). If the vehicle is not driven regularly and the fuel in the tank is fairly old, it would be best to run the fuel down to near-empty and then proceed as noted above. This is not imperative, but in light of the corrosive and moisture attracting properties of the ethanol laced fuel available today, we would recommend that you consider this step. Fuel stabilizer is typically available at auto parts stores, marine supply stores, etc.

2)  With the engine warm, change the engine oil and filter. Run the engine for a couple minutes to fully distribute the fresh oil.

Click HERE for DIY Video on changing oil with vacuum oil changer – on cars WITH engine oil dipsticks (no crawling under car!)

Click HERE for DIY Video on changing oil using standard under-car drain method on ALL models, with and without engine oil dipstick

3)  Get the vehicle into the storage location (if not in place already). Remove the wheels/tires, if you wish, to prevent flat spotting of the tires. Note that with most of today’s tires, this is not really a major issue if the vehicle is only being stored for a few months.  If the wheels are left on the vehicle, be sure to apply some Liqui-Moly Copper Anti-Seize to the hub flange to prevent the aluminum wheels from sticking to the steel hub, due to corrosion.

Click HERE for DIY article on preventing stuck wheels

3)  You can either remove the battery for maintenance charging or leave it in the car with a storage/maintenance charger connected. Do not skip this step. Your battery will suffer if left for months without maintenance charging. We recommend the CTEK pulse technology charger for in-car or out-of-car battery maintenance.

4)  Apply a generous application of the Gummi-Pflege rubber care product to all door, hood, trunk and convertible-top rubber seals. This will keep the gaskets and seals pliable, keep them from sticking to the windows, doors, etc. and extend their life overall.

Should I Start The Engine Periodically?

We do not recommend periodically starting the engine. There is no need for this if the actions that are noted above are followed. In fact, starting the engine and only running it for 15 to 30 minutes is more harmful than beneficial. In this amount of time, the engine and exhaust will not have built enough heat and run for long enough to burn off the condensation and acids that form in the systems. What this WILL do, however, is generate additional condensation once the systems cool back down.This condensation will build acids and potential corrosion in the engine and additional corrosion in the exhaust.

In reference to the above notes, we should also address the questions about oil draining off of various engine parts … and the potential need to periodically start the engine in order to keep the parts oiled (or some variation of this theme). Any oil drainage that happens in the engine, has already happened after a few hours of the engine sitting idle. In reference to this point, there is no need to periodically start the engine.