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BMW DIY Video – Install LED Upgrade Angel Eye Bulbs in E65 E66 745i/Li, 750i/Li, 760i/Li , How To

Jul 28 15

The original Halogen bulbs that illuminate the Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) or “Angel Eyes” (also known as corona rings, demon eyes, etc.) on the BMW E65/E66 7-series (745i, 745Li, 750i, 750Li, 760i, 760Li – 02 thru 09) are comparatively dim and yellow when compared to the Xenon HID headlight bulbs or the later model LED illuminated rings.

These LED Angel Eye upgrade bulb kits will change the color of your Angel Eye rings to better match the Xenon HID headlight bulbs and look like the current new BMW models with original LED Angel Eye illumination.  Get rid of the yellow halogen Angel Eyes and enjoy these brighter and whiter color matching LED Angel Eyes!

Click below for Angel Eye Upgrade Bulb Kits:

These LED upgrade kits are a direct replacement for the original Halogen Angel Eye bulbs.  Installation for the E65 and E66 7-series models involves removal of the headlight assemblies in order to access the bulbs.  Note that this procedure must be performed even for a standard bulb replacement (in the event of a “burned-out” Halogen bulb).  In consideration of the work required to replace a standard Halogen bulb, why not take the opportunity to install the more current looking LED upgrade kit?

Click below for Non-Marring Pry Tools:

Click below for Torx Bit Set:

Follow along as we install the Angel Eye upgrade LED bulb kit in a 2006 750Li:

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BMW E70 X5 3.0si Electric Water Pump Replacement

Jul 23 15

When it’s time to replace the electric engine cooling water pump in your E70 3.0si X5 (07-10), be aware that there are two choices, and they are not interchangeable.   The correct water pump is dependent on the vehicle’s options.

Vehicles with Adaptive Drive or Four Zone Automatic Climate Control:

Vehicles without Adaptive Drive or Four Zone Automatic Climate Control:

Click HERE to see our How To DIY video on replacing an electric water pump.  This procedure was performed on a 2007 335i, so it does not directly apply to the E70 X5.  However, the general procedures will be similar.

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BMW Automatic Transmission GA6L45R, Stuck in PARK or No Forward or Reverse, How To DIY, 1-Series, 3-Series, X3 – E90, E82, E83

Jul 21 15

If you have one of the following models and experience a condition where the transmission will not shift out of PARK, or may have no reverse, even though the shifter moves normally AND (typically) the vehicle is displaying the transmission fault warning in the instrument cluster, the transmission shifter selector valve rod may be broken.  This fault applies to 1, 3 and X3 series models that have the GA6L45R GM manufactured transmission.

The selector valve rod can be replaced without removing the transmission.  The fluid must be drained and the pan removed.  The filter must then be removed and finally, the valve-body (Mechatronic unit) is removed to access the selector valve rod.  A new seal set for the Mechatronic unit is highly recommended.  Since the fluid is drained and the filter is removed, this is a perfect time to install a new filter and fresh fluid.  We also recommend that you replace the Mechatronic electrical connector sealing sleeve, as this is a common fluid leakage point.

See the DIY article below, from Bentley Publishers, for the replacement of the Selector Valve Rod (this procedure is not yet included in the current applicable Bentley manuals).

Click below for Selector Valve Rod:

Click below for Mechatronic Valve Body Seal Set:

Click below for Mechatronic Sealing Sleeve:

Click HERE for Mechatronic Valve Body Torx Tool

Click below for transmission fluid:

Click below for transmission pan gasket and filter kit:

(used with permission from Bentley Publishers):

Selector shaft failure description

BMW E90 models may illuminate the transmission warning lamp and the vehicle will not move either in reverse and / or in forward gears. When the accelerator pedal is pressed engine speed only increases as if the transmission is in the Park or Neutral position.  One or more of the following fault codes may be stored in the EGS (transmission control module):

  • 56B8 – EGS: Ratio Fault R
  • 56B9 – EGS: clutch, gears 3, 5, and R
  • 56BB – EGS: Clutch, gears 1, 4, 5, 6 and R: neutral test
  • 56BD – EGS: Clutch, gears 2 and 6: neutral test
  • 56BF – EGS: Clutch, gears 1, 2, 3 and 4: neutral test
  • The cause may be a broken selector shaft rod. It is easy to misdiagnose this as a faulty transmission of Mechatronic unit. If you have any of the listed fault codes along with the listed symptoms, remove the transmission pan and inspect the selector shaft rod.

The selector shaft metal rod (A) breaks away from the plastic guide bracket (B).

Selector shaft rod, replacing

Remove drain plug (arrow) and drain transmission fluid into suitable container.

Remove transmission pan fasteners (arrows) then remove transmission pan (A).

Pull transmission filter straight down and remove.

Working at rear of valve body, pull down on Mechatronic connector release tab (arrow) to disconnect electrical connector.

Remove Mechatronic unit fasteners (arrows). The fasteners require a BMW special socket, tool # 24 4 350 to order use part # 83 30 0 495 598. You can use an E12 (inverted Torx socket) if you grind down past the chamfer on the end of socket.

Lower front of mechatronic unit, then remove while pulling rear out of transmission.

With Mechatronic unit on clean work space, remove fastener (arrow) from selector guide.

Slide broken selector shaft (A) out of Mechatronic unit.

Slide new selector shaft rod into Mechatronic unit.

Align selector shaft (A) onto plastic guide (B), then reinstall guide fastener and tighten.

Pull out old Mechatronic seals (arrows) and replace with new.

Working at transmission, pull out old Mechatronic seal (arrow) and replace with new.

Working at rear of transmission, pull out old Mechatronic electrical connector sealing sleeve and replace with new.

Reinstall Mechatronic unit rear first, into transmission. Install fasteners and tighten.

Working at rear of valve body, push Mechatronic connector tab (arrow) up to connect electrical connector.

Reinstall transmission filter and pan.

Fill transmission fluid and clear fault codes.



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