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Can a Liqui Moly Engine Renewal Kit Add up to 20 Horse Power?

Aug 17 15

BavAuto put together and started offering our Liqui-Moly Engine Renewal Kits for BMWs and MINIs (or any other vehicle, for that matter) a few years ago.  This was a result of our experience and results from using these products on our own BMWs and MINIs for many years, as well as customer testimonials.

click below for Liqui-Moly Engine Renewal Kits:

Now, there’s positive proof of the benefits and gains available from the products that we use in our Engine Renewal Kits.  RSP motorsports did a full before and after dyno test, using most of the Liqui-Moly products from the Engine Renewal Kit.  Check out their write-up below:

” In a Porsche Cayenne GTS, the performance advantage amounted to as much as 20 hp. The torque increased correspondingly too. And on average the engine generated 80°F less heat. Tests with a Mercedes-Benz C320 3.2L V6 and a Porsche 993 produced similar results.

“In my 43 years as an automotive professional working with European luxury and exotic cars in both Europe and Canada, I have not come across any lubricants which enhance and restore engine and components on a level comparable to LIQUI MOLY products”, said Renato Fausch, President of RSP Motorsports. The cars were fitted with a dynamometer for the test and their performance was measured before and after the oil additive service.

What exactly did RSP Motorsports do? Firstly, just before the oil change, they added LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush to the motor oil. The active agents loosen deposits, sludge and other dirt which are then drained off together with the oil. The fresh oil enters a clean engine and can deploy its maximum performance. Secondly, RSP poured in LIQUI MOLY …. 5W-40, a fully synthetic motor oil. Finally, two additives were put into the motor oil. One was LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver, which regenerates brittle seals, making them soft and flexible again. This stops oil loss at the seals and prevents future oil loss. The other additive put in the engine was LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec. This is a high-tech wear protection additive that protects the engine chemically with a so-called friction modifier and also physically with tiny ceramic particles which act as a solid lubricant. Less friction means less power loss in the engine and less heat generated.

Together, these measures brought about a significant increase in power. The engine no longer overheats as easily and is therefore better protected from wear.

But where does this loss of power come from in the first place? One cause is using the wrong motor oil. False economies on oil don’t just squander hp but also encourage oil sludge and wear. Another cause is the perfectly normal consequences of engine use. Fuel and combustion residues get into the oil circuit and cause sedimentation which slows the engine down. This is a creeping process which drivers do not usually notice at all. This makes the ‘aha’ moment after an engine clean even greater. The driver can feel the difference straight away. LIQUI MOLY’s oil additive service is an excellent customer loyalty tool for repair shops because it offers noticeable, tangible results with few materials and in a short space of time.

Additives are not magic. They do not perform miracles but are effective chemical tools that are often a smart alternative to mechanical work. Without them, for example, cleaning an engine would be very laborious. LIQUI MOLY has more than 50 years of experience with additives and is the undisputed market leader in its home country of Germany.”

Bavarian Autosport

MINI Recall – Cooper, S, JCW 2dr Hardtop, Rear Seat Side Impact, F56, 15V450000

Aug 11 15

BMW / MINI is performing a recall on various Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works 2dr hardtop models from model years 2014 & 2015. Affected models do not meet the US side impact requirements for rear seat passengers (FMVSS #214, Side Impact Protection).

Affected models:

F56 MINI – Cooper, Cooper S, John Cooper Works (JCW) models for the 2014 and 2015 model years.

According to the recall:

“If the side impact performance requirements are not met, rear seat passengers may be at a higher risk of injury during a crash.”

BMW / MINI will install additional energy absorbing materials in the rear passenger body areas.

The recall is scheduled to begin September 12, 2015.  Owners of affected vehicles are being notified by BMW / MINI.  Further information can be obtained by contacting MINI customer relations at 1-866-825-1525.

MINI recall 15V450000

Bavarian Autosport

BMW and MINI Video 12-volt Roadside Impact Gun – Flat Tire Repair

Aug 5 15

In our earlier post on using the BavAuto® Space Saver Spare Tire Kits to assure that you won’t be left in a bad situation, on the side of the road due to a tire emergency (even if you do have run-flat tires), we made note of the new Wagan 12-volt Impact Wrench.  The Wagan Mighty Impact Wrench is designed to loosen and tighten vehicle lug nuts, using the vehicle’s 12-volt accessory power plugs (cigarette lighter sockets).  The tool is packaged in a compact heavy duty box that stores easily in your trunk making it ready for roadside tire emergencies or seasonal tire change-overs.

In using the wrench, we have found that when installing the lug bolts, two to three “knocks” of the impact mechanism will tighten the bolts to 80 to 90 ftlbs.  Once the vehicle is on the ground, use the lug wrench or a torque wrench to final tighten the lug bolts, as shown in the DIY video linked above.

Click below for Wagan Mighty Impact Wrench:

Click below for non-marring lug bolt sockets:

Check out the tool in action:

Before offering the Mighty Impact Wrench to BavAuto® customers, we tested it for a couple months, passing it around between the Advisors, Tech crew and anyone that could use it to help with their tire changes or heavy mechanical work.  We actually tried to break it ….. but failed.  Therefore, we decided it was ready for our customers!

Even if you have a compressor and standard pneumatic impact guns at home, this 12-volt tool is great to keep in the car …… be it a BMW, MINI or other model.  The tool comes with two double ended impact sockets that will fit practically any vehicle you may own.  While the included sockets are great, we prefer to add our non-marring sockets for use on our nice BMW or MINI wheels.  The non-marring sockets won’t scratch up the lug bolt cavities in the wheels.

Bavarian Autosport