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BMW and MINI Huf Valve Stem Replacement – With or Without TPMS – How to Assemble – Run Flat

Apr 10 15

Huf (pronounced, “hoof”) is the original equipment supplier for run-flat tire pressure monitor assemblies on BMWs and MINIs up through the 2013 model year (as well as some early 2014 models).  Note that Beru was the supplier name for models through 2012, at which time Huf purchased Beru.  All TMPS units are now labeled as Huf.  Huf replacements give the confidence that original spec parts are being purchased and installed on your BMW or MINI.

The Huf TPMS assemblies and individual valve stems are installed just as the original units from BMW are installed.  The Huf valve stems are available in the standard silver as well as optional black and titanium, for matching or contrasting your stock or custom wheels.

Note that the HUF valve stems can be used without the TMPS sensors, on any BMW or MINI wheel, allowing you to upgrade from the standard black rubber valve stems to the silver, titanium or black solid valve stems, which are much more durable ….. and look better too!

Click below for Huf colored valve stems:

On an installation note; we do receive occasional calls from installers claiming that the valve stem securing nuts/sleeves do not fully tighten down on the wheel, leaving the valve stem loose on the wheel.  This is a simple case of unfamiliarity with the installation.  The threaded caps have a flange molded into the inner threaded area that initially acts like a stop and prevents the cap from fully threading onto the valve stem, securing it to the wheel. This flange is actually intended to function as a thread locker.  Simply keep tightening the cap until the flange breaks (internally to the cap) and finish tightening the cap to secure the valve stem.  The broken flange acts as a thread locking device, preventing the securing cap from vibrating loose.


Bavarian Autosport

BMW Introduces New Option For 2016 Models

Apr 1 15

Following, is the BMW NA press release issued today:

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — As part of its ongoing effort to make driving a “joy,” as their advertising proclaims, BMW has introduced a new option for 2016 models that virtually eliminates the need to roll down the windows when offensive odors are detected. The option is called Operable Mitigation of Gas, or OMG for short. It was introduced this afternoon at a press conference outside the company’s North American headquarters in Woodcliff Lake.

“After decades of constant improvements in both performance and comfort, our engineers had begun to feel that they had successfully addressed all of the unpleasant aspects of driving,” said Inyah Fais, BMW’s Director of Public Perception. Fais pointed to recent technological advancements such as electronic damping systems that adjust automatically to smooth out bumpy rides, and photochromic glass that darkens in bright light to eliminate glare.

“Then this past fall,” Fais continued, “one of our executives went to lunch at a New Jersey diner where he ordered the Oktoberfest special — chicken bratwurst with sauerkraut and the classic German dish ‘handkäse mit musik.’ He was driving back to the office in his 640i Gran Coupe when poof, it hit him.” He immediately called the engineering team and Project OMG was launched.

When asked how BMW’s engineers could go from initial concept to finished product in just six short months, Fais replied, “Quite easily. BMW has been offering ventilated seats as an option for years, and in 2012 we began selling Natural Air, a product that adds pleasant scents to air as it enters the passenger cabin through the vents.” It was thus a simple matter, said Fais, for the BMW engineers to replace the directional fans in the ventilated seats with reversible fans. When a person senses a build-up of internal pressure, he or she can simply press a button. The fan reverses direction, the discharge is pulled down into the seat, back through the ducting and is expelled into the cabin over the Natural Air fragrance stick.

BMW’s models with this option will have individual OMG buttons for each passenger. OMG will be available only as part of the Luxury II convenience package.

When asked if BMW is concerned about competitive marques such as Mercedes and Audi copying this feature, Fais said it was highly unlikely. “That would be admitting that theirs stinks. We don’t foresee that happening any time soon.”

Click HERE for link to original press release

April Fools!

Apr 1 15

Happy April 01, 2015, from Bavarian Autosport!

If you have landed here by mistake, see our original April fools post HERE.